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18.02.2008 14:17
Invocation to St. Isidore

When programs crash and cursors freeze,
with warnings: "fatal error",
our systems drive us to our knees—
can this be cyber-terror,
or mere demoniac possession?
We need some saintly intercession!
Ah, what comfort to implore,
"Pray for us, St. Isidore!"

When files we’ve saved cannot be found
(not even by Outlook),
when viruses and worms abound,
and eat the address book,
when through the Windows data’s flying,
the desperate cyber-slaves are crying,
prostrate on the office floor,
"Pray for us, St. Isidore!"

When "You’ve got mail!" but it’s all spam
(or files that won’t unzip),
when all at once there’s no more RAM,
we start to lose our grip,
and filling with the foulest hates,
we would defenestrate Bill Gates!
"Our charitable hearts restore—
pray for us, St. Isidore!"

When downloads fail, when disks erase,
when life-work’s lost in cyberspace,
remind us in our dire frustration:
The goal here is communication.
"Oh, heed our pleas (but don’t keep score)—
pray for us, St. Isidore!"
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