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The Three Star Order has been awarded to the bishop Jānis Bulis
05.05.2012 11:32

On 13 April 2012 the Latvian Chapter of Orders decided to award the Three Star Order to His Excellency, Jānis Bulis, the bishop of the Diocese of Rēzekne-Aglona who has rendered outstanding services for the benefit of the state of Latvia.

The Latvian Chapter of Orders has awarded the Order of Three Stars, Second Class, to bishop Jānis Bulis.

The Latvian Order of Three Stars was established in 1924 in commemoration of the establishment of the independent Latvian state.  It was reinstated in the wake of the Soviet occupation in 1994. The Order of Three Stars is the highest state honour in Latvia.

The Order of Three Stars is awarded to people who have achieved particular accomplishments on behalf of the Fatherland.  These achievements can be related to state, local government, public, cultural, educational, scientific, sports-related or economic activities.  The definition of achievements in this regard refers to individual outstanding accomplishments, to long periods of exemplary and successful activities, and to particular achievements during the period when the independence of Latvia was being restored and strengthened.

Jānis Bulis was born on 17 August 1950 in Latgale, Ludza county Briģi municipality. On 24 June 1991 Jānis Bulis was consecrated as the bishop of the diocese of Liepaja. From 6 January 1996 Jānis Bulis is the bishop of the Diocese of Rēzekne-Aglona. From 18 October 2011 Jānis Bulis is the President of the Bishops' Conference of Latvia.