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St. Dominic’s Church is being built in Liepaja
16.03.2006 12:39

The Dominican Brother’s monastery is situated at Liepaja, 17 Jelgavas Street. The St. Dominic’s parish Church will be next door.

The construction of St. Dominic’s Church commenced in 2003, under the Architect A. Kokins. The structure is built on the old public bathhouse foundations. Presently the church building has walls and a roof, windows and doors, a balcony for choir and organ, and there is also 32m high tower. The width of church is 12m, but length - 32m. It has all the basic services. At the back of the church there will be a small chapel for the Sacrament of Baptism, and room for confessions, a book-table and an office. Right now the interior works are in progress, and they are being carried out by SIA „Būve”.

The interior of the church will have modern and simple features. On the wall behind the altar there will be a large size picture – the copy of the picture from old Aglona Dominican Monastery which will show the meaning of the liturgy – the Church’s prayer. A solemn consecration of the church is planned on May 24, 2006.

We are grateful to everyone who supports us spiritually and financially. We have received financial help from German foundations and also private donators, but there are still insufficient funds for completion. All donations will be gratefully received. A box for donations is located in the monastery, but if more convenient for you, a simple bank transfer will also be sincerely appreciated.

Sprediķotāju ordeņa Liepājas Svētā Dominika klosteris
Hansabanka, Kurzemes filiāle
Juridical address of monastery: K. Valdemāra iela 28-1, LV – 3400, Liepāja
Reg. Nr.: 9000332775

Priest Oskar Jablonski OP