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Riga's Theological Seminary has a new rector
09.06.2006 17:30

On May 29, after serving as a Rector of Riga Seminary (Latvia) for 12 years, Bishop Antons Justs commended his Office to the new Rector – Juris Jalinskis (on the left), Doctor of Canon Law, handing him the sculpture of Good Shepherd as the symbol of the Office.

The interview with the new Rector is prepared by Sr. Silvija Krivteza from Vatican Radio.

- Fr. Juris, you are trusted to lead the Riga Seminary, which undoubtedly is an important educational establishment where the future priests obtain their spiritual formation. How would you characterize the students?

Fr. J. Jalinskis: I think that the candidates to priesthood reveal Latvian society of nowadays very well. The believing part of the society. They are interested to grow spiritually and, of course, academically as well, but as a response we provide them with the answers to help them to reach their goal. The work of Riga Seminary and Theological Institute is based on two pillars – the same ones that are fundamental in each priest’s life. They are: spirituality that cannot cease but always has to grow; and academic life that starts in the Seminary. Academic life should continue to develop also when serving as a priest.

- What does contemporary world expects from the priests?

Fr. J. Jalinskis: The same as every age! People want to see a priest as a true witness of Christ. First of all, this witness should be based in one’s own relationship with God, where priest enriches his spiritual life and gains the wisdom of life. The most important is to love God and also other people. Everyone wants to see the Good Shepherd in their priests wherever they are sent to serve, people want that priests care for their spiritual development and their souls.

- I wish you to be like a Good Shepherd yourself and also abundance of love and good health for successful pastoral work.